Many parents ask themselves these questions. No wonder. When going on holiday, you need abuggythat doesn’t take too much space and is lightweight. What else would be good to consider in selecting a baby buggy? What should guide you so that your buggy was a comfortable tool for both you and your kids? We’ve got the answer already –keep reading!
The perfect holidaybuggy.
The perfect buggy is one that will make family walks enjoyable, but also suitableto use in holiday trips. To choose the right one, it should meet a few conditions. First of all, the frame of the buggy, as well as the buggy itself, should be relatively lightweight. Moreover, the frame should fold quickly and easily. It would be the best it folded together with thebuggy. It makes it easier to carry or move the buggyfrom place to place: a car, plane, or train.
The baby buggies that we take with us on holiday should also have an adjustable roof–so that the child has good access to fresh air, but also protection from the sun, to which we are exposed the most during holiday. The adjustable backrest is also essential– while exploring the terrain and exotic nooks and crannies, your child will likely need a comfortable buggywith the seat possible to unfold to the lie-flat positionfor a nap.
The perfect buggy = a safe buggy.
Holiday excursionsimposeone more, extremely important featureon the safe buggy. The buggy must have good brakes. The market offers much better safety solutions today. Modern buggies are equipped with an innovative automatic braking system. It makes the baby buggy stop automatically as soon as you let go of the handle! With this solution, you can be sure that the buggy will not roll down any slope by itself, ensuring 100% safety to your child.
Ababy buggypaired with a seat – convenience and comfort of travel
There is one more thing to consider when shopping for your dream buggy. Get a safe seat! The seat and adapters will be a perfect complement to your comfortable travel set. It is an ideal solution which will spare you a lot of effort withmovingyour sleeping baby from thesling to the carrycot, preventing them to wake up.
In order tofulfil all these expectations, we have designed ibebe buggies. Buggies that ensure safety and unbelievable driving comfort even on rough terrain– thanks to the shock absorption and anti-shock system. Our baby buggies are light, modern, safe and designer. The seats included in the 3in1 sets represent the highest safety class and exceptional lightness of the structure in the 0–13 kg category buggies. We want to provide you with wonderful, unique and unforgettable moments during your walks, trips and travels.
We sincerely hope that when looking for your perfect buggy, you will choose ibebe – for class, style, comfort and safety.