A baby buggy is an indispensable must-have of your family as soon as your baby is born. With a comfortable, well-selected baby buggy, you can explore the world together, taking long, wonderful walks. However, you need to remember that the baby buggy must not only be comfortable, but also 100% safe for your baby. Safety is one of the highest priorities of new parents.
When can you say that the buggy is safe? What parameters should it have? We answer the most important questions!
Safety during walks.
Carrycot! This iswhereyour babywill start discoveringthe world right after birth. Sightseeing, walks, naps – your toddler needs a really comfortable place! That is why we have equipped the ibebe carrycots with a soft mattress made of high-quality cotton with the MEMMORY SYSTEM function, which ensures 100% comfort to your child. What’s more, the deep buggies’ roofsare large and adjustable, which guarantees adequate ventilation. Additionally, our carrycots are large, lightweight and manoeuvrable at the same time.
One of the basic safety elements are belts. They prevent your toddler from falling out of the carriage during walks and trips! Curiosity about the world, unevenness of the road … there can be many reasons. Ibebe buggies have adjustable five-point seat belts, so you don’t have to worry.
Another essential feature that every buggy should have is the option of stopping and blocking the wheels.
It is extremely important! Our Ibebe i-stop buggy is a multifunctional buggy with the unique Auto-Braking-System. The innovative i-stop system automatically locks the moving buggy once you release the handle. For this unique solution, the buggy will not uncontrollably descent down any slope, ensuring your child’ssafety. No more worrying about the buggyrolling away, tipping over or hitting an obstacle. Such a blockade is also invaluable when getting on a moving belt in a shopping mall, as well as on a bus or tram.
A safe trolley is essential!
Before buying a buggy, see also the manufacturer and opinions about it. Check if the product you are interested in meets your requirements and the relevant standards. It is worth knowing that the ibebe buggy is appreciated not only by parents! Our products have received many awards and certificates, including an award at the InnovationAdwordsinternational trade fairs. The high quality and safety standard offered by ibebe is also confirmed by regulations – ibebe buggies meet the requirements of European technical standards (including EN1888-2: 2019-2).
The best walk is a safe walk!
Apart from the aforementioned critical safety elements in buggies, seemingly trivial matters cannot be overlooked as well. The properly cushioned structure, shock absorption system and heightadjustable buggy handle are equally important. Of course, you will find all of these in ibebe!
In addition, we have equipped our carrycots with a soft mattress made of high-quality cotton with the MEMMORY SYSTEM function to provide your baby with 100% comfort. Also remember to take a rain cover with you for every walk in case of sudden rainfall and a mosquito net to protect your baby against insect bites. Of course, both of themyou will find in the set with the ibebe buggy. Do not forget that on hot days, the child needs both a constant access to fresh air and a shield from the sun, which you can achieve with the adjustable roof.
At ibebe, we take care of all that is important; the safety of your child is our highest priority! We offer multifunctional buggies with a unique Auto-Braking-System and other reliable elements to provide your child with comfort and 100% safety.