Fashion in the world of baby buggies follow the same rules as any other – we set trends based on the observation of the latest collections and the most frequently purchased products. The current season abound with many different trends, so even the most demanding parents (and toddlers! :)) will find something for themselves.
Of course, the design and colour are not the most important factors to take into account when shopping for a baby buggy. However, you need to remember that a good buggy will serve you for several years. That is why it should meet your taste and style.
The most fashionable and stylish buggies for baby girls and buggies for baby boys are growing in popularity due to their fashionable shades, original upholstery patterns, but also accessories and functionalities they offer. Therefore, when choosing a buggy for your baby, we should consider all these features!
ibebe – style and comfort!
At ibebe, we try to meet expectations and needsof each parent. Why? Because we are parents ourselves! Weare well aware of the importance of the high-quality materials, detailed and careful workmanship, functionality and ease of use. That’s why ibebe buggies have all these features!
We offer modern, safe and innovative solutions as well as unique design in line with the latest global trends. We want our products to serve you and your little one in the best possible way.
Fashionable baby buggies? Ibebe!
What does ibebe offer? In our offer you will find subdued colours such as grey, beige, brown, dark green or black that never go out of style. Such buggies always look good – regardless of the season or weather conditions. They are also classic and elegant.
In our offer you will find pastels with wonderfully saturated colours that nevergo out of style! They are associated with subtlety and delicacy – everything that is child-like. Additionally, such colours draw attention of the child and contribute totheir development. We also consider the materials. We try to keep them fashionable and practical. And every parent may want and like something different. That’s whyibebegives you the choice. Among our models, there are eco – leather and polyester buggies. Depending on your needs, style and character – you can always choose what you like.
A baby buggy is one of the most important elements of a layette. It is the baby buggywhere the child spend a lot of time and explore the world over the first years of his life. To make family walks as pleasant as possible, it is important that the buggy meets the expectations of all family members – both parents and the toddler!
Our ibebe teamdo everything possible to make it happen. We check the latest trends, analyse world styles and preferences. That is why we sincerely hope that with our products you will have a good time with your family, and that the walk will become the favourite part of your day.